Is Receptionist A Good Job

Is Receptionist A Good Job. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $10.16, and. And though it is poorly paid in most countries, many people still apply.

Receptionist Resume Mt Home Arts
Receptionist Resume Mt Home Arts from

Good computer skills, including competency in microsoft office programs. Multitasking skills the job of a receptionist can be very demanding. What makes a good receptionist?

Receptionist Resume Mt Home Arts

Good receptionists can pull up phone numbers, documents and other bits of information at a moment’s notice. Emails filled with errors and typos won’t be good for the company’s image, so having excellent writing skills is a necessity for a receptionist. However, receptionists at some organizations fill valuable positions that are critical to the operations and success of an employer. In fact hundreds of interviews for a job of a receptionist take place in big and small hotels all around the world, every single day.